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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. right now one other victim is in critical condition. neighbors are concerned and worried and will stay that way until someone is end in jail. fox 29's dave kinchen live in north philadelphia tonight with more. dave? >> reporter: iain, police have drastically increased their presence in this neighborhood. more than 24 hours after three men were killed here and another was wounded, and we can tell you there's a $70,000 reward posted for information leading to the suspects. >> can i say what i really feel you know the parents need to put god all might knee to in their children's lives to respect the law. that's what i need to say. >> empassioned words from rachel cherry who walks with her grandson after picking him up from the catholic school it's right across from the scene avenue triple murder 1100 block of west styles street in north philadelphia. the shooting happening in broad daylight as kids were leaving school monday. >> we came and seen this it was
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just wow. you know and the children, you know, i just -- it was a mind blower. >> it's a shame. that's all i got to say right in front of this big school. >> reporter: police say two unknown men walked up to a group unleashed up to 25 gunshots on the crowd killing gentleman par, ronald fenwick and marcello robertson. their ages between 20 and 32. a fourth man was critically injured. >> they were all friends. they were all buddies. however, all four of them very well known to police. they have come in contact with us on many occurrences. >> reporter: victims have various drug, gun, violent crime charges on their files according to homicide detectives who also say the surviving victim has not been overly cooperative so far. police are also scowering for surveillance video to keep give them leads with zero tips pouring in on the alleged killers as of tuesday afternoon. >> they had no concern for human
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life and it's our job to very quickly get these individuals off the street and that's what we plan on doing. >> reporter: meantime police boosted their presence in and around the harrison plaza public housing units why some town a higher power for answers. >> i'm staying in prayer. prayer changes things. that's the way i feel. >> reporter: police tell us the surviving suspect gave them a story that did not add up but they suspect that he will be more cooperative once he finds out three of his friends were killed in this tragedy. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. man couster of a sniper shooting near gentleman's club last week has been ex tri dieted to philadelphia. why did do you it? >> only fox 29 cameras were there as police took 29-year-old lawrence mitchell to central detectives this afternoon. it's hard to hear mitchell our photographer pete santos says he responded "i'm unamerican" officer nearby told fox 29 mitchell said "i'm mr. america".
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either way mitchell has been booked on attempted murder charges. police say oh used a arrival to fire shots into dell lie la's parking lot in northern liberties. the shots hit two cars parked nearby as a woman was walking toward the vehicles. earlier today mitchell was in court in camden to face weapons charge. >> the trial of a man accused of ambushing and killing a pennsylvania state trooper and injuring a second one is now underway in pike county. the prosecution called eric frein an assassin and said the troopers suffered while frein hit hid out for more than a month before he was captured by u.s. marshals. trooper alex douglas who survived the ambush was in the courtroom today and is expected to testify. we will have a life report from milford coming up in just a few minutes. right now investigators are looking in what started this fire at a barn in bucks county. it took crews about two hours to get the flames under control. skyfox was over that raging fire of the 200 block of smith road school it all start aid round 8:30 last night. there were no injuries to any
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people or animals. police say a husband and wife worked together as a team to break in someone's home. elaine and peter thomas charged with burglary to a residence. egg harbor township police say the couple were caught on surveillance video breaking into a home in the town's west atlantic city section. this was last month. police also charged peter thomas with armed robbery of a gas station. police say ten days before the home burglary, peter thomas robbed gas station clerk at gun point. developing right now in russia, investigators have named the suicide bomber behind the blast of the st. petersburg subway yesterday. he was a 22-year-old russian citizen who was born in occur sack stan the blast killed 13 people and the bomber. no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. it happened while president vladimir putin was visiting the city. well the battle for president trump's supreme court nominee couldn't fir nation is heating up. senate debate began today ahead of a vote expected later in the week on supreme court nominee 19 gorsuch. this has president trump turns his attention to fueling the
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economy. fox's joel wad man reports from washington. >> reporter: president trump addressing the conference of national building unions earlier today. >> it was about time we had a building builder in the white house. >> reporter: just a few hours before, the president sticking to what he knows best, business holding a town hall style event with about 50ceo's from some of america's best known companies including citigroup, mastercard and jet blue. the chief executives seizing the moment to discuss his administration's trial trillion dollar or more infrastructure plan set to be unveiled in the coming weeks. warning those who want their projects funded by the government they better be ready to go. >> if you have a job that you can't start win 90 days we're not going to give you the money for it. because it doesn't help. >> lawmakers meanwhile digging in on the senate floor. at least 41 democrats flocking together to filibuster the confirmation of supreme court
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nominee he neil gorsuch. forcing republicans to prepare for the so-called nuclear option or simple majority of 51 votes which would ensure gorsuch is cedar on the high court. >> it will be on their shoulders. >> reporter: in the lower chamber house speaker paul ryan downplaying talk about republicans revising the gop health care bill which was dead on arrival last month. >> get everybody engaging with one another. that's happening. now we're throwing around concepts to improve the bill. >> reporter: and today for the first time on record, former national security adviser under president obama susan rice categorically denying the obama administration inappropriately spied on president trump or any members of his transition team. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. a live look right now at the pocono mountains. we are seeing spotty showers in parts of our area, but later this week we're talking about the potential for thunderstorms. >> yeah, let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. we certainly seen our share of rain the last couple of days.
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kathy. >> we talk about it last week, right. every other day we would be in or out of the rain and behind me you see a little bit of the blue in the overcast, but for the most part, a partly cloudy to cloudy evening with a few more spotty showers moving through. we have a cold front that will move through this evening and because of our daytime heating when the sun came out we have a few pop up showers right now in ocean county near toms river and the northern part of lbi right near south seaside park very heavy rain a a few thunderstorms this will move offshore and that's the last really heavy storm we have out there. right now, temperatures ranging from 54 in the poconos to 78 degrees in dover. it's almost 80 in dover right now. with this westerly flow, 75 in wilmington and 74 in lancaster. winds right now sustained at 17 miles an hour from wilmington through philadelphia. the winds slowly will be subsiding tonight. overnight, lows will be comfortable in the 40s and the 50s. giving way to a perfect day in the forecast. tomorrow will be your one dry day.
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then more storms move our way and then we'll be chasing 80 degrees in the seven day forecast. the storms they'll be moving in by thursday morning. more on this coming up with your seven day forecast. they could be severe. this could be a big one. >> all right, kathy. thanks. happening now in camden county, honoring a teacher and a school nurse. a collingswood mom says the pair saved her son's life. that mom giving credit to the two women for helping diagnosis her little boy's threatening illness. >> two women used their eyes and ears and their expertise, bruce tox save the day and it started with a simple observe in the classroom. >> reporter: that's right. look we send our kids off to school each morning and we put their health and their safety in the hands of strangers. professionals but strangers. every once in while these surrogate parents do something for our kids that brings to us tears. >> she saved my child's life. >> nicole campbell spends her time at children's hospital of philadelphia visiting her six-year-old son nate and
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talking about his guardian ang angel. >> nurse patti. >> what did she do. >> she helped me. >> yes. and so if she was here right now what would you say to her. >> thank you! >> we're coloring the three that do belong together. >> reporter: this story began last september. nate was new to miss keller's kindergarten class at zane north elementary school in collingswood, new jersey. almost immediately kathy keller noticed little boy didn't look right. >> it was just something different about him, and i had worked with his sister, um, i have known his brother so it was just, um -- >> reporter: something was off. >> something was off. >> reporter: miss keller asked the school nurse to take a look, nurse patti a veteran neonatal icu nurse thought nate's color was all wrong. >> i went behind him so that the light was coming through and his skin was translucent. >> reporter: didn't look righ right. >> oh my gosh, no. absolutely not. >> reporter: nurse patti insisted nicole rush nate to the doctor for blood tests. >> please take him.
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prove me wrong. that's all i want. prove me wrong. >> reporter: get him to the doctor. >> absolutely. >> reporter: diagnosis from the doctor -- >> leukemia, yeah. >> reporter: outheard word and went through your mind as mom? >> i can't believe it. and then, you know, we got passed it and he's doing great now. >> reporter: nate has been in and out of the hospital for months now under going chemotherapy. but his cancer is in remission. and mom credits his teacher and his nurse with catching early on what she almost certainly would have missed. >> the two of them were like so such champions for him. >> reporter: they were persistent. >> yeah, they will really were. >> i was just happy that i was in the right place at the right time to start the ball rolling. >> reporter: new the right people. >> and new the right people. >> humbled, thankful, grateful for being that person at that time. >> reporter: nicole was so grateful she actually nominated nurse patti for a prestigious award america's greatest school
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nurse. nurse patti is the new jersey state finalist government to and you can actually vote for nurse patti. show her you appreciate the fact her eyes are open and her heart is in the right place on behalf of our kids. dawn? >> quiet a story, bruce, thank you. attempted abduction in center city caught on camera. police say they know who the suspect is who they're looking for now. major bridge down the shore closed as the summer season approaches. just what's wrong and when could it reopen? the fight against the zika virus why sign scientists are optimistic they're winning the battle. >> see this guy's cup. police say he was his weapon as he robbed a 7eleven. what was inside that was so dangerous the clerk handed over the cash.
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♪ dramatic surveillance shows what police are calling abducted app duck. a man walks up to the baby stroller and reaches in sunday on the 1400 block of locust street. when police arrived, the suspect was still there. but the parents had already left. tonight police are looking for the parents of that child to get more information about just what happened here. all right. now back to highly anticipated day in court for accused of killer eric frein. he's accused of ambushing two state troopers and killing one. the jury heard opening statements today but they will not hear from frein himself. >> the accused killer's live hangs in the balance if convic convicted he is looking at the death penalty. brian sheehan is live in milford tonight where frein was in court today. brian? >> reporter: iain and dawn, emotional afternoon of testimony here in the courtroom in pike
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county. nicole palmer the dispatcher at the blooming grove barrack the night of the shooting taking the witness stand. now she describe the moment that she heard corporal brian dixon get shot and the chaos uncertainty that immediately followed. at one point breaking down saying corporal dixon repeatedly mouthed the words help me as he lie on the sidewalk outside the barracks. opening statements beginning this morning. the prosecution spent one hour and 35 minutes giving their op opening statements. now, they showed the jury still images of surveillance video the night of the shooting. you can actually see trooper alex douglas crawling on the floor after he was shot. douglas was in the courtroom this morning along with corporal dixon's wife and many supporters wearing blue ribbons now at one point mrs. dixon ran out of the courtroom in tears as the judge read allowed the charges that frein was facing. frein appearing to be emotion less through much of the morning and afternoon, even yawning at
5:16 pm
one point as the judge read allowed the charge charges thats facing. that's the latest here in milford pike county, i'm brian sheehan, iain and dawn, back to you. >> brian, thank you. heads up to drivers down at the jersey shore. you may have to plan an alternative route if you drive on the townsend inlet bridge. that bridge which connects sea isle city and avalon has been shut down for repairs. now, this comes after inspectors found a crack in one of the peers. a driver noticed the structural problem yesterday. cape may county engineer dale foster says part of the peer also showed movement. >> it is serious condition right now as it is but it's only one peer that we have to work on. so, you know, we're working under an emergency. we'll get a contractor out there shortly. as soon as we get the development of the plans. >> foster says the bridge should be reopened by memorial day weekend just in time for the summer rush. hopefully. nj transit commuter cos see delays for several more hours after yesterday's derailment at
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penn station in new york. nj transit operating on limited schedule until at least tomorrow morning while repairs are made. officials from both nj transit and amtrak are working around the clock. the track shut downs are affecting traffic up and down the northeast corridor. thankfully no one was hurt in that derailment. well, we've had some hope but on the court really been another season to forget for the sixers but off the court a different story. >> the 76ers hosting autism awarenessness night at the wells fargo center. our sean bell there live. hey, sean. >> reporter: that's right. it hasn't been a good season on the court but they have been doing a lot of things that are really really great off the court. like you said it's autism awareness month and tonight it's autism awareness night. you see me wearing this blue button in support and doing a lot of things. later on they'll have a ball kid throw the balls to player -- different players sort of live out a dream as you see they're setting up a little bit to place, um, music.
5:18 pm
they have a lot of things going on. some people who have autism will be participating. they're doing a lot of things and today i have amy come in. step in for a second. she's executive director of community engagement and talk about what you're doing tonight and all the things that have you been doing off the court and outside of this arena. >> yeah. absolutely. as it relates to autism awareness month, we actually started our work earlier, and partnership with temple university we held our very first clinic for youth on the autism spectrum and they're families. so we gentleman named mike sim mel conduct two and a half hour clinic where kids had the opportunity to feel empowered, help to build their self-confidence all through the game. and it was really cap stoned by our head coach brett brown who came in and did skills and drills with the kids as well. >> that's special. what was it like to see the kids that have them come in and the smile on their faces and what you're going to do tonight for all the kids that are going to come in? what was it look for them? what was their response?
5:19 pm
>> you're finding we're creating memories that are lasting. so how do we help support and change these lives? through these experiences that we can offer to them. how do we really help leverage the power of the sport? in addition to the clinic that we held last month, which will recap tonight in the video, we also are using other assets that we have here every day at the game. you mentioned we have a ball k kid. so we have a young adults here from best buddies. they'll actually be pitching the ball back to the players as they warm up. in addition we have another youth from best buddies recognizing a strong kid which really he can let me my face this pierce convenience and work ethic in trying to really overcome adversity. we are also through award called game changer recognizing anna person had worked hard to help families in chinatown. >> wire doing a lot of beautiful things. i appreciate you for joining us. and a little bit later in sports, we'll have that ball kid out here throwing passes to the
5:20 pm
players. back to you, iain. >> all right, sean, thanks. looks great. philadelphia counting down to the nfl draft. skyfox above the art museum today where they are getting ready forgetting things started to set up for that big day the draft kicks off april 27th and that weekend will include a number of activities for you and your family to participate in. searching for the man in this surveillance video. what police say he did in broad daylight in center city philadelphia. two guys nab a 15-foot python. why wildlife officials asked them to take good care of the snake. and prison break returns to fox 29 tonight. why the show stars say fans won't be disappointed following the eight-year hiatus. >> sad news to report tonight. ralph arch bald the city's ben franklin actor has died. you're looking at video of his 2,008 wedding when he married the city's betsy ross actress. ralph was well known around teen and seen in television commercials and billboards for philadelphia. ralph's wife tells us she likes
5:21 pm
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dozens of people including children are dead in syria in a suspected chemical attack. syrian group says at least 58 people died including 11 children in this attack this morning. witnesses claim it was carried out by jets operated by the russian and syrian government. president donald trump condemn at tack but did not say how the united states would respond. suspect is shot during home invasion in western pennsylvania. pittsburgh police say a man who lives in building where he owns a business really got into -- jumped into action after hearing an intruder. he scuffled with the guy during the apparent robbery and then some shots were fired. the suspect was hit in the leg. the business owner though is not expected to face any charges. tragedy strikes in colorado after a man dies during a doughnut eating contest. police say the 42-year-old was at the popular voodoo doughnut shop in denver early sunday. the challenge, you had to eat half pound doughnut in 80 seconds that's when he started to choke and witnesses say some people jumped in but no one knew how to do the heim link so
5:25 pm
paramedic got there but they conrey 55 him. >> in central california really terrifying moments after a bee attack turns deadly. investigators say a bee owner was trying to harvest honey when the swarm grew angry. the bees also went after a neighbor and his two pitbulls as well as a firefighter. the men are all okay but the bee stings did kill one of the dogs. the bees are problem at this neighborhood is struggling to deal with. >> they're bizarre. they're flying around in motion so you don't see them that around this area. >> for unknown reason, unknown to him or to us, when attempted to harvest the honey the bees became very aggressive. >> professional bee keeper was called in. it took him five hours to get that situation under control. well quite the shocking site at a kansas courthouse. >> a deer smashed right through the window. the animal then took off through the building with employees lo looking on. the site also stopping people outside in their tracks. >> working on my computer, i
5:26 pm
heard a bam against my window, not knowing what it was. >> we just weren't prepared for something like this today. >> or any day. all right. as if that wasn't enough, of the wild a turkey took interest in the building. the bird was spotted on window 11 outside. >> hopefully that deer is okay. tax day is quick al approaching just two weeks away. what the irs says it's going start doing to people who owe money. and new storefront in kensington offering programs that will brighten up the neighborhood. >> kathy? we are talking about one perfect day during the work week and that perfect day is coming in tomorrow. we'll talk about how warm it's going get before the storms move in later this week.
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truck driver is punched and theandric out of his truck. >> now police are looking for that man who drove off with the vehicle. here's the guy police want to find. last month victim was making a delivery in center city and that's when the vick testimony was confronted by the man police say is in this video just released. the victim was punched in the face and dragged out and then his attacker just drove off. the truck was later recovered a short distance away. the suspect got away with some cash from the truck. if he looks familiar, police want to hear from you. interested in becoming a police officer? well 15 police departments in montgomery county have opened up written scams you can apply online formal test will be held at montgomery counsel tune community college on sunday june 3rd if you're
5:30 pm
interested you can find a link to take the test on our website just head to fox and look in the scene on tv second. ♪ >> it's hank. the city is doing south american street. skinny one block long but it's historic. is it worth the 700,000 they'll spend on it? my take is depends on who you are and where you live. >> most important if the city is going to put up $600,000 or so you better jump on it because you don't know when the next chance the city will give any money. >> hard to argue with tom mc feeley' logic 40 year south american street resident says when the city wants to renovate your street let them do their thing. >> that's what convinces me. while it's here because if they don't do it it will go to another street. >> right. >> not that there aren't streets that are worthy. >> there are and we'll get to that. but first, 700 grand for one block? it turns out it's no the that simple. >> in a statement today the city very clear with me about the
5:31 pm
differences in ordinary repave and one on historic street like american. first of all all these pavers have to come up and be reset. the sub base will be redone as well. the curbing, the sidewalks all reset while they're underneath they'll redo the water and the sewer mains as well as the outlets that come up through the sidewalk. it's a complete rebuild. makes you wonder how many potholes $700,000 could fill in the rest of the city. driver across south philly you'll see decent streets. some patches and some potholes. eddie from eddie's ought tote repair says watch out for them or you'll be lucky to get away with just a blown tire. >> they also have suspension problems, you know, like, upping, control arms, upping, stuff like that, you know, you know, tie rods, you know, so, you know, suspension on a car also, you know, is -- is not good. >> streets department website filled more than 12,000 potholes so far this year. more than 130 day.
5:32 pm
drivers like anita sangor says you've got to watch out but things could be a lot worse. >> i'm from maryland, and every winter the road gets tour up and then the next spring potholes everywhere. >> reporter: it's not just a philly thing? >> no, my dad explains about it all the time from there, um, so i think it's everywhere probab probably. >> reporter: she makes good point. next time you're fed up with potholes here take ride across the river to camden or trenton. there are streets like cattle trails in those towns roads that make walnut street look like the auto bon. mayor kenney says he'll spend plenty on potholes in the next five years. for now call them in and keep score. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ and back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at wilmington the heaviest rain has moved on out of the area. but it is april and that means we will see more showers. meteorologist kathy orr let's us know when in 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
>> in the wake of this morning's heavy rain, we had inn steps flooding this was up north in northern new jersey you're looking at route 22 a busy road in newark. completely underwater this morning. the rain and pretty much stopped the morning commute and there could be additional flooding later this week when all of us get another round of rain and thunderstorms. right now in ultimate doppler all of this is pretty much settled down a few pop-up showers this afternoon and as we look live at reading it's dry and some sunshine trying to peek through the overcast. temperatures are fairly warm. mainly in the 70s this afterno afternoon. philadelphia up to 72. wilmington 75. 76 in millville and atlantic city. dover almost 80 degrees this afternoon. you have to love that. as we look at the nation as a whole, you can see the 80s to
5:34 pm
the south. sweeping up through atlanta, through the mid atlantic at 82 in raleigh and philadelphia about tepp degrees cooler. so the cool air still to the north but we're seeing warmth building and this is going to be sweeping northward over the next several days. that's the good news. we have a little bit of a shift in our weather pattern. as we go hour by hour we see a few spotty showers out there and that pretty much diminishes as we lose our day team heating in the sun pretty much sets. we're looking at dry conditions and clearing skies overnight and that's sets us up for a really beautiful day tomorrow. i gave eight perfect ten with plenty of sun. so after your wednesday, we skip to thursday. with some late week storms. we'll watch an area of low pressure move right through the midwest tap into the gulf of mexico and there will be a threat of strong to severe thunderstorms. in the morning and maybe a few lingering into the afternoon. so damaging winds possible with this. even some medium sized hail weep can eye on thursday morning and into the afternoon. other than that, we'll be in the
5:35 pm
clear. overnight, 51 in the city. 46 in pottstown. allentown 47. partly cloudy in wilmington when you make wake up tomorrow morning. during the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. deep blue sky, low humidity, a few fair weather cumulus clouds and a high temperature of 70. so 70 and sunny pretty much perfect for the month of april. take look at your seven day forecast. more april showers and april storms for thursday. the high 65. friday a few showers with cloudy skies for the phils home opener it's not going to be rainy day. then, looks good for saturday. 60. sunday 66. monday 72. look at tuesday. i was almost shaking when i wrote that number down. 80 degrees next tuesday. you want to pick a day to be outside, iain? [ laughter ] >> it's tuesday. >> just put a little star on the calendar, okay. >> got it mark. >> all right. kathy, looks good, thank you. two guys nab a 15-foot python. why wildlife officials asked them to take care of the snake. and the fight against zika
5:36 pm
virus. why scientists are optimistic they're winning the battle. a new jersey teenager making national headlines. the choice she has to make that very few people ever have had to make before. phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" ♪"a new friend's coming here to sesame street."♪ all new its sesame street live! make a new friend playing liacouras center this weekend only tickets on sale at liacourascenter dot com
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♪ new numbers are out from the pennsylvania gaming control board. the slot machine revenue from the state's dozen casinos is less than percent down this march compared to last year. some casinos did see increase, though. the valley forge casino resort saw the biggest increase with more than 6% up from last year. the irs is going once again use private debt collectors as means to collect what government is owed. the agency stopped using those private companies because of telephone exams they were fraudulently claiming they were from the irs collecting payments. congress pass add law in 2015 requiring irs to restart the in your money tonight gillette is changing its strategy in response to its falling market share and it could save you some money. after years of adding features to its razors and raising prices the company is slashing prices
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by up to 20% and focusing on its cheaper products. gillette is trying to stop its customers from buying razors from online start ups that sell razor cheaper. shoppers across the country logging on instead of walking into stores and the new way of shopping is changed the retail space in a lot of country. so this year, the highest number of retailers are on track to file for bankruptcy since the great recession in 2009. marketing an lifts say online shopping has changed the landscape for brick and mortar stores. >> there's so much online purchasing now you need to have a real product that will get the customers to come in the door to stop them from doing online shopping. >> analysts say over building retail space will leave too many vacancy signs leaving cities to try and tackle the challenge to find alternative uses for those spaces. new storefront in kensington offering programs that will brighten up the neighborhood. a work out with a side of
5:41 pm
wine. how does that sound. >> hmm. >> why one gym serving up booze after people finish working out. shoulders don't just carry pads.
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♪ children in philadelphia have a lot more books to read thanks to donations from an initiative from pnc. lighthouse family school today mayor kenney announced nearly 2,000 books in english and spanish as well as a $15,000 grant will go to the school and also go to other pre k programs which are funded by the city's controversial soda tax. ♪ kensington is often in the news for drugs and violence but each day our bill anderson looks for the light and he found it right on the main shopping strip of kensington.
5:45 pm
>> new storefront is now offering programs that will literally brighten the neighborhood for goodness sake. ♪ >> art has changed my life. i was once on drugs. i was once a gang member. >> reporter: it worked for alvin tull and many others can opening a storefront community facility focusing on artwork to improve kensington? >> it's all about perception when you get off the el first thing you see if it's a vacant storefront, you're going to make an immediate judgment call about the community if it's amazing mural art space with artists and people in it you're going to think maybe this community is something that i didn't think it was. ♪ >> reporter: most stories done on kensington are related to drug use or violence. but a mural arts of philadelphia program called the porch light just opened a hub on kensington avenue and they're trying to change the stereo typical view of the neighborhood. >> we're going to be creating murals out of this space, um, and other public art projects. we're also going to be providing
5:46 pm
social services, behavioral health services and other types of programming. >> reporter: newest hub opened after the new kensington applied and the owner of the building who runs a market next door offered up the space. they wanted something else positive on the block. after challenging artist alvin tull one of the artist who's will be teaching to show me his skills i also challenged the belief that bringing access to art will change a neighborhood. >> in many neighborhood a lot of people call eight forgotten neighborhood. ♪ >> reporter: why do all of this here. >> it's easy to go into a community that's already beautiful and already established but to come into a community of this, this is why we are here. this is what mural art basis its foundation on, beautify, to heal. >> reporter: it's obvious talking to everyone involved with the porch light hub that they do believe in kensington and the residents in a way we don't often see. and they want to change the story line. >> there are folks that are doing such great work on their blocks, neighbor to neighbor, you know, every day kind of
5:47 pm
shifting the story. >> reporter: as alvin continued with the challenge to show me the neighborhood through his eyes and our segment theme, i went outside and briefly saw both sides of what inspired the hub. ♪ >> reporter: five seconds out the door, i was approached by an older woman asking for food that she clearly needed but one minute later she also showed the appreciation that came from someone listening and offering even temporary help. these are the people that the kensington porch light hub opens to inspire. >> those that feel as though they're useless, worthless, we make that change inside a person, one person at a time, one mural at a time and one community at a time. >> reporter: it remains to be seen if mural arts hub filled with art classes and supportive services can inspire change in a neighborhood this group these organizations are not buying the negative stereotype as alvin's drawing revealed they still see more for kensingto kensington fs
5:48 pm
sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> seems like a great idea. >> it is. looks like it's working. how about the hug bill got from that woman after giving her some money. good stuff that. >> turning to health tonight. wretchers hope they're getting close sr. look at vac seep for zika and they gun enrolling volunteers to test it. participants are being enrolled where the virus is present and this includes in the united states, port ricoh, brazil and mexico. right now there is no vaccine to prevent disease caused by zika which is usually transmitted by mosquitoes and can also be contracted sexually. a swedish company is using something you might think is only on tv. epicenter is offering to implant employees with micro chips that function as swipe cards to open doors, operate printers or even allow to you make a purchase in the cafeteria. chips aren't new. they're similar to those virtual collar plates for pets. >> some people getting fit and
5:49 pm
tipsy at one gym. maybe not tipsy but having a couple drinks. yeah. it's a workout with a side of wine. lifetime athletic in new york city added beer and wine to the menu for those who just finished their workout. physical trainer at the gym says it's not because members are more likely to feel they've earned it but rather so their clients can form bonds socially. >> if you don't enjoy what you're doing, if you don't enjoy the people you're around, you don't do it, right? basic human need and human wants. >> well trainers at the gym also say individuals rely on a social community for motivation to work out and stick to a routine. well talk about a story to tell for two snake trappers in the state of florida. the pair recently caught get this iain a massive 15-foot python. >> it was all part of a challenge to limit invasive snakes in the everglades as fox's jeff lenox reports. >> reporter: big catch in the florida everglades two snake trappers getting their hands on a 15-foot python on saturday. >> the first day of the
5:50 pm
challenge we caught the biggest snake. >> reporter: nicholas and trapping partner leonardo driving in the car keeping all eyes on the look out when moments later, they make their phenomenal find. >> i saw a little gloss and big square brown patch and automatically i knew what it w was. >> python, python! second i get out of the car i look over, it's this big python stretch right there where the trees meet the water, and when we jumped at it he goes and he grabs it by the tail the second he grab it by the tail the snake starts to bee line into the trees. so he tells me go for the head. go for the head. i'm trying get into the trees because it's all over the place. >> reporter: as theories she would for their catch their struggle was just beginning. >> i tried to pull it so it won't go into the water and the snake turns around and bee lines towards my face. that's when he came and in he jumped from behind and he grabbed it by the head and even got nipped a couple times. >> minutes later they were finally able to get their grasp and get that snake into a massive bag and throw it in the back of their van it's all part
5:51 pm
of the python challenge to protect the everglades. 75 people selected and economicked by the south florida water management district to kill burmese pythons over a 60 day period. that's because they're invasive species. >> native animals, dears, raccoons whatever it is, birds, they're disappearing. the're disappearing and it's because of the python. >> the goal of the challenge to get rid of as many pythons as they can. >> they're disseminating the environment hay if i can get a couple a great adventure and be able to help the environment. >> reporter: for those two men it wasn't all satisfying. >> we don't hunt for sport. we're not hunting to kill. we hunt to remove, you know, catch and remove. but having to kill it was, you know, a little rough for us. we've never really had to do that before so it was a satisfying feeling but it was also a feeling of, you know, little bit of heartbreak. prison break returns to fox 29 tonight. why the show's stars say fans
5:52 pm
cone be disappointed following the eight-year hiatus. >> see this guy's cup? police say he used it as a weapon as he robbed a 7eleven. what's inside is so scary the clerk handed over the cash. a new jersey teenager making national headlines. the choice she has to make that injury few people have ever had to make before. this weekend at bass pro shops
5:53 pm
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a military veteran injured while serving overseas gets a new home thanks to a non-profit organization. ceremony monday honoring sergeant blaine scott who was wounded 11 years ago while serving in iraq. he was deployed a second time to afghanistan after completing rehab. and then retired in 2015. the helping of a hear row no non-profit built the home which includes a wounded warriors sweet where fellow veterans who are in crisis can stay. >> every time we give one of these houses to soldier, it's renews my faith in america. it renews my faith in the military. and have each soldier after their wounded come home all they want to do is help the next soldier recover. that's so wonderful to hear. >> country singer lee greenwood also performed at that ceremony.
5:57 pm
well the reboot of the popular fox television program prison break premieres tonight. back after eight years off the air. fox's jonathan hunt sat down with the cast who talked about the return of this very popular show. ♪ >> looks like your brother might just be alive. >> after eight year hiatus prison break russert recollection returns to fox. reuniting brothers lincoln and michael for another escape. actors wentworth miller and dominic purcell say fans won't be disappointed. >> we're going to get you out of here. >> there are surprises in store. um, again, no one is safe. nothing is quiet as it seems. and, um, we're not afraid to rough people up. >> michael has been through a lot, and lincoln has been through a lot and there's a lot of, um, catching up to do. and deep therapy between the brothers and that's what we discover as the series progres progresses. >> those lights go black you'll disappear from this black like
5:58 pm
ghosts. >> dom mick and wentworth remained friends aft working together on another series they began talking about reboot. >> we're getting out of this country. >> we work together. or we both idea. >> the idea was to hahn nair weigh what came before and certainly live up to what's already been stabbed. we wanted to make a great product. a great story that would stand alongside what came before. but also, um, make it present day. make it contemporary. >> we need to look at all of the possibilities before you go wa walking into a war zone. >> he's my brother. >> right before shooting, dominic refresh his memory by watching a few early episodes. >> i looked like such a baby. such a boy. and now looking at my head on screen, i'm like this weathered all boot, and you can see the age. you can see my own live experience starting to catch up in my face, and for me the lincoln of today is what lincoln should have been ten years back. >> everything i did i did for
5:59 pm
familiarly. >> in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> prison break airs tonight here at 9:00 on fox 29 stay tune right after that for fox 29 news at 10:00 and 11:00. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ caught on camera, a bold robber his weapon of choice, a coffee mug. the chilling threat police say he made about what was inside that cup. ♪ plus, a local mole mother says a school nurse saved her child's life. >> who did you tell you had wobbly legs? >> nurse patti. >> what did she do? >> she helped me. >> what nurse patti saw that's giving little nathan a second chance. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at at 6:00. not only my grandson but think about the children around here. this school right here. >> north philadelphia community uneasy tonight at least two gunmen are still on the loose
6:00 pm
after spraying a street with more than two dozen bullets. three people were killed as one is fighting for their life. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off. police hope a big reward will spark phipps to help track down those shooters. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the scene tonight for us. dave? >> reporter: we can tell you it's often said there's a code of silence on the streets where people don't talk. police say as of this afternoon they got zero tips on this triple murder case, but they're hoping a $70,000 reward will change that. >> it is definitely a sign that we need serious solutions to the social problems that we have today. >> reporter: there's shock coming from george johnson, jr. hooks has lived near the 1100 block of west styles street for nearly 16 years and can't believe three men were torn down in a hail of gunfire here monday afternoon. police say it happened as the st. m